At Transition Bikes we take pride in the quality of our products. Our frames are manufactured to withstand the rigors and abuse modern mountain bike trails can dish out. That said, anything can break given just the right amount of time, wear, or misfortune. Everyone here at Transition Bikes is committed to keeping you riding and we realize every warranty and or crash replacement situation is unique. It is our top priority here at Transition to get you up and running as quickly as possible with a fair and honest solution regardless of the situation.


To view your bike's warranty policy please visit our support page and select your model and version/year.


These policies apply to the original owner only. Transition Bikes will repair or replace any original purchasers individual frame parts or complete frame at our discretion.


Our warranty policy does not cover:

  • Any labor costs associated to the warranty claim.
  • Modifications from stock configuration.
  • Normal wear-and-tear damage.
  • Paint damage caused by the removal of protective tapes or adhesives.



In addition to our warranty, all Transition Bikes frames are covered for life under our "Crash Replacement Policy" to the original or second hand owner. If for any reason you should find yourself with a damaged frame, you may send us the broken frame section and we will replace it for the best possible price we can, assuming we have the replacement part available. If we do not have the piece available we will attempt to work out a crash replacement price on a replacement frame set. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs to get to MagicDownhill in Switzerland.

All warranty and crash replacement cases will be handled directly by MagicDownhill 


Tous les cas de garantie et les crash replacement seront traités directement par MagicDownhill


Alle Garantie- und Ersatzfälle werden direkt von MagicDownhill bearbeitet.